Compression Springs

Our stock of standardized compression springs can be delivered in music wire and stainless steel wire. The springs till wire size 1.0 are squared and ungrounded. From size 1.0 and larger the springs are squared and ground. A selection can be made from the detailed specifications and orders are placed simply by quoting catalogue numbers and quantities. When the required springs can not be found in our standard assortment, please contact our sales or engineering department. We can advise you to get the right spring.



For the calculation of compression springs we refer to DIN 2089-1 (EN13906-1) and DIN 2095-2. Of course you can contact our engineering department for the calculation of the right spring and for giving you technical advice.


Standard Compression Springs:


Music Wire:

DIN 17223 C / No. 1.1200

t/m Wire 2: EN10270-1:01 DH (bonded)

> Wire 2 : EN10270-1:01 SH

Stainless steel wire:

DIN 17224 / X10CrNi 18-8 / AISI 302 / No. 1.4310 / EN 10270-3:01


DIN 2095-2 / DIN 2098-2



Music wire:                   max. +80 degrees celsius

Stainless steel wire:      max. +250 degrees celsius


Coiled:        Righthand

Ends:          0,2-1,0 mm squared and unground

                  1,0-10  mm squared and ground

Surface treatment:

The springs are oiled. Against additional price it is possible to supply them

with other surface treatment. However these are not on stock. 


Our standard springs are calculated on a static load. This means that the spring is temporarily, continuously engaged

Quasi-static load (= rarely varying load) means that the springs get an additional load at long intervals. During the life of less than 10 ^ 4 load changes.

For dynamic load, the following applies:

*  fluctuating load, the number of changes is> 10 ^ 7; here is the limited lifespan.
*  fluctuating load, the number of cycles <10 ^ 7, wherein the lifetime in theory is unlimited.

If you apply the standard spring  quasi-static or dynamic, please contact our engineering department, in order to calculate lifespan. 



Special Compression Springs:


Our production can make almost every spring as well in small quantities (already 1 piece) as very large quantities. We use several kinds of material, such as music wire, stainless steel 302 and 3.16, inconel, titanium, ninomic, wolfram, chroom vanadium, molybdeen, fosfor bronze, beryllium copper, conifer etc.

Our engineering department can help you to find the right material for your technical spring problems. Futhermore we can arrange several after-treatments such as cleanroom packaging, passivating, staining, chemical blacking, epoxy coating, chromium plating, nickel-plating, electrolitical polishing, gilding, silver plating, sinking etc.

For special compression springs please fill in this form (Click here for the form) or call to  +31.20.6822961.    


Click here to go to seaching engine and webshop of standardsprings and normcomponents


Download herewith: 


Click here for the form for special compression springs

Compression springs (PDF) — download 

Compression springs in meters (PDF) — download 

Compression springs 500 mm (PDF) — download 

Connecting links for compression springs (PDF) — download







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