Constant Force Springs


Extension springs of constant force are a particular version of extension springs. They are produced from wound-up strips of springsteel. Each coil is closely attached to the inner ring. Extension springs of constant force are highly suitable to perform linear movements whilst the force rate is nearly constant.

The spring is closely wound around a cylinder, and its end is fixed to the object. if the internal diameter of the spring is smaller than the nominal diameter, the spring must be loaded or torn in order to fix it on the cylinder or carrier.


The end of the spring can be fixed in a stationary manner. In this case, the spring itself is responsible for its elasticity. If the carrying cylinder is abandoned, the dimension of the axis (rode) should give enough space to prevent a blocking of the spring on the axis. Upon full extension there should remain at least 1.5 coil on the cylinder. The internal diameter winds closely around the cylinder, which in most of the cases makes an additional fixation redundant.


Maximum working temperature: 150 degrees celcius.


For use at higher temperatures, please contact our department engineering.




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