Endless Garter Springs

Garter springs are extension springs whose ends can be screwed into each other, which results in a ring-shaped springs. They mainly used to maintain a defined pressure in end closures, for compensation of losses at the edge or of volume changes induced by fluids or temperature. Moreover, they may serve as short transmission belts or for electrical connections.

These springs have a high initial tension in order to maintain a maximum of constant force. The ends are coiled in such a way that they form a strong junction although the external diameter remains merely unchanged. Garter springs are available in several lengths, but their length can be adapted by just cutting off the unnecessary portion at the cylindrical end. Afterwards, the endings can still be screwed into each other.



Stainless steel:   RVS 302, DIN 17224

Tolerances:         for external diameter +/-0.13; for a tension of 4.75 extension +/-10%



Coiled:                 right hand




Surface treatment:


The springs are oiled


If different material or surface treatment is requested, a surcharge will be levied. Moreover, this will result in a prolonged delivery time. Upon request, we can produce any tailor-made Garter spring according to your specifications.


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Download herewith our catalogus for gartersprings:Endless gartersprings (PDF) — downloaden


Download here our catalogue of gartersprings

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