History TEVEMA

1936 -

TEVEMA is founded in 1936 in Amsterdam by H.J. Hochheimer as an extension to his company dealing with import and sales of technical springs.

1966 -

TEVEMA is sold to an American/international concern wishing to access the European market; the company's policy consisted in buying out leading spring factories across Europe. In turn, TEVEMA benefited from the American parent company's know-how with regard to organization and management.

1981 -

TEVEMA returned into Dutch hands.

1987 -

TEVEMA TWENTE BV is founded to manufacture springs for medical equipment and high precision springs.

1987 -

TEVEMA TECHNICAL SUPPLY BV is founded, to focus on standard springs (quick delivery from warehouses).

1988 -

TEVEMA NV is founded to successfully operate in the Belgian market.

1992 -

the management makes a decision to move majority of the production from Amsterdam to Beek en Donk in central Holland, also to be Tevema's headquarters. Beek en Donk provides much quicker access to the majority of the company's customers.

1994 -

the entire automotive operation is brought together in an independent factory TEVEMA AUTOMOTIV BV built in Beek en Donk.

1996 -

TEVEMA opens a factory in Poland, TEVEMA KUDOWA SP. Z O.O., specializing in manufacturing customized springs and standard springs. TEVEMA's next goal is to expand its Eastern European market. The machinery is gradually moved to Poland, where majority of all springs are now made.

2002 -

Production of suspension springs and garage door springs is separate in Poland, to be made by TEVEMA AUTOMOTIVE SP. Z O.O.




The first ISO 9001:2000 certification takes place, by TUV Polska.

Production of TEVEMA TWENTE moves to TEVEMA KUDOWA SP.Z.O.O.

2006 -

The first ISO/TS 16949:2002 certification takes place, by DEKRA.


The Tevema group has sites in The Netherlands and Poland and is one of the biggest spring factories in Benelux. Besides this Tevema has sales agencies in Russia and Belgium.

The history of the factory began in the thirties of the last century. "Tevema, Factory for Technical Springs" was established in 1936 in Amsterdam. The factory grew subsequently to a technical partner of many industrial branches. Every site has its specific knowledge and production facilities and works according to the most recent technical norms.

Thus, Tevema can supply every industrial branch and is able to deliver tailor-made technical springs.

Based on more than 76 years of experience, our company helps our customers with specialised technical advice. Besides this, TEVEMA has a large assortment of standardsprings which you can find in our webshop.

Tevema is working with agents in serveral Western- and Eastern European countries. 

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