circlip, also known as a snapring or C-clip, is an axial locking ring which is used to mount bearings at a specific place on a shaft. The circlip consists of open ends that are locked at the desired place mostly in a machined groove on a dowel pin or bearing. The circlip ensures rotation, but prevents lateral movement.




There are two typesinternal and external circlips, referring to whether they are mounted in a bore or in a shaft. Circlips are often used to secure hinged connections.


The Circlips are made according to DIN471 and DIN472. They are made out of springsteel and are fosfated and oiled. A number of  circlips (with a shaft between 8-75mm) can be also delivered in Stainless steel. Ask for the possiblilties.


Download here our catalogue of circlipsen DIN471

Download here our catalogue of circlipsen DIN472


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