Nitrogen Gas cylinders


We also supply since short time, Nitrogen Gas Springs against very competitive prices and with a short delivery time. We are now  agent for the company Special Springs S.r.l. from Italy for the Dutch market. These gas cylinders are frequently used in dies and moulds, but can of course also be used in a number of other mechanical applications, where high forces are required in a limited space.

The difference between gas cylinders for tools and die springs is, that the force is already present in unloaded condition, that's why it is possible to enlarge the stroke for high forces. The power increase is also limited at compression, which does not lead to increased tension.

The Gassprings from our range can also partly be equipped with the so-called SKUDO protection, which prevents the gasspring of contamination and occurs wear. The lifetime with this protection will increase to above 1 million cycle.




To avoid overpressure, these gassprings are performed with two safety devices, namely OPAS or OSAS. OPAS stands for Over Pressure Active Safety, this means that the shock absorber is equipped with a pressure relief valve at the bottom of the spring which takes care of the escape of gas when the gasspring is overloaded. OSAS stands for Active Safety About Stroke, this means that if the maximum stroke is exceeded, the built seal deforms in such way that the gas will escape.
The delivery time for Gas springs is approximately 1 week.





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