Nitrogen Gas Cylinders


Since some time we deliver nitrogene gascylinders against competitive prices. These kind of springs are used in the die and mold industry, but can also be used in several mechanical applications, where high forces are used in small areas.

The difference between gascylinders for tooling industrie and heavy duty springs is that the force in unloaded condition is already set, before the spring is loaded. For that reason the stroke is higher.

The gascylinders can be delivered with a so called SKUDO protection, which protect the spring against polution and prevents the spring from dear. The lifespan will be raise to more than 1.000.000 cycli.

Benefits of Skudo are:

  • Superlative cylinder protection against contaminants solid and liquids
  • Seals and guides protected
  • Overpressure eliminated
  • Stop to corrosive costs
  • Value for money


To prevent the gascylinder from overpression we are able to deliver the gascylinders with to kinds of protections OPAS or OSAS. OPAS stands for Over Pressur Active Safety, for discharging pressure completely when it exceeds the maximum allowed value as fixed for production. OSAS stands for Over Stroke Active Safety, for discharging pressure completely ALWAYS BEFORE any impact to the body when the nominal stroke is overtaken.


Delivery of Gascilynders will take about 1 week.

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* Please keep in mind our minimum order amount of Euro 30,-  for shipments abroad (European Union)!

For shipments outside the European Union our minimum order amount is Euro 50,- and Euro 25,- administration costs will be added for payments in advance!