Punches DIN9861 / ISO8020 - DIES DIN 9845A/B

Punches and dies used in a mechanical process. Punching is a process in which by means of a punch,  holes can be made in sheet materials. In combination with a stripper on the punch, the punched material will stay in position when the punch is pulled back. 




Punches DIN 9861, with conical, 60°, head


Type D:

The punches are hardened, head tempered, and completely ground and lapped


Type DA:

The punches are hardened and tempered. Shaft ground an lapped, head tempered and not ground


Material quality:

WS = tungsten - vanadium alloy tool steel

HWS = 12% chromium alloy tool steel (even temporarily available)

HSS = high-alloy high-speed steel


Hardness shaft both types:

WS and HWS: 62 + / -2 HRc.

HSS: 64 + / -2 HRc.

Hardness head: 45 + / -5 HRc.


Punches ISO 8020 with cylindrical head


These punches are ground and lapped.

HSS = 62-64 HRc.

Head 52 + / -3 HRc.



Dies DIN 9845 A / B


HSS = high-alloy high-speed steel

Hardness 60 + / -2 HRc


Implementation type A.

Without collar

Hardened and tempered

Diameter D1 on passing n6

D3 fitting hole to fit H8


Implementation type B.

Equipped with collar

Hardened and tempered

Diameter D1 on passing n6

D3 fitting hole to fit H8 



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Punches according to ISO8020 (PDF)  — download

Dies DIN 9845 type A

Dies DIN 9845 type B


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