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Manual Toggle Presses

Manual Toggle Presses

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Add to shopping cartHKPE025000Application2.50HandOp Aanvraag
Add to shopping cartHKPV250000Application2.50HandOp Aanvraag
Add to shopping cartHKPV500000Application5.00HandOp Aanvraag
Add to shopping cartHKPV812000Application12.00HandOp Aanvraag
Add to shopping cartHKPV816000Application16.00HandOp Aanvraag
Add to shopping cartHKP5000000Application50.00HandOp Aanvraag
Add to shopping cartHKPL040000Application4.00LuchtondersteuningOp Aanvraag
Add to shopping cartHKPL040001Application4.00LuchtondersteuningOp Aanvraag
Add to shopping cartHKPL080000Application8.00LuchtondersteuningOp Aanvraag
Add to shopping cartHKPL120000Application12.00LuchtondersteuningOp Aanvraag
Add to shopping cartHKPL200000Application20.00LuchtondersteuningOp Aanvraag
Add to shopping cartHZP2000000Application2.00TandheugelpersOp Aanvraag

Tevema is agent for the Benelux of the complete Hand Toggle Presses the firm Gechter program. The presses are of high quality and available at an attractive price. All information about the Gechter equipment can be found on www.gechter.de . You can download the documentation from this site. A hard copy book can be requested from us.

The use of the Gechter press has an extensive application in the assembly industry. In addition, the presses are used in the electronics industry. The presses are designed for optimum ergonomics for the user. A wide range of accessories (also from other suppliers) are fast and exchange accurately.
We are happy to inform you about the possible solutions for your specific application. You can also email your questions to sales@tevema.com or call 020-6822961.



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Handkniehevel pers / Gechter persjes

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