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Security clips

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Add to shopping cartBR8001Application1.008.2010.007-82-5 dagen
Add to shopping cartBR8002Application1.2010.3012.509-102-5 dagen
Add to shopping cartBR8003Application1.3012.3014.5011-122-5 dagen
Add to shopping cartBR8004Application1.4014.4017.0013-142-5 dagen
Add to shopping cartBR8005Application1.5016.4019.0015-162-5 dagen
Add to shopping cartBR8006Application1.7018.5022.0016-182-5 dagen
Add to shopping cartBR8007Application1.8020.5024.0019-202-5 dagen
Add to shopping cartBR8008Application1.9022.6026.5021-222-5 dagen
Add to shopping cartBR8009Application2.0025.8030.0023-252-5 dagen
Add to shopping cartBR8010Application2.5031.0036.0026-302-5 dagen

For more information about Secutity clips please contact our sales department.

You can send an email to sales@tevema.com or call to +31(020)6822961.

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* Please keep in mind our minimum order amount of Euro 30,-  for shipments abroad (European Union)!

For shipments outside the European Union our minimum order amount is Euro 50,- and Euro 25,- administration costs will be added for payments in advance!