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Special leafsprings

Special leafsprings

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Special Blade and Wire spring

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We can always produce blade springs as well as wire springs according to the customers specification.

We expct to receive a drawing or a model.

For smaller series we have a broad variety of universal tools.

We also have our own toolmaker which develops the necessary tools needed for specific contracts.


If you may have any questions or remarks please contact us by calling the number +31)020)6822961 or

email to sales@tevema.com


In order to prevent any mistake,
please use millimetre (mm) in any case!
Requested quantity:
Type of material :
More dara and/or drawing of the proposed application:


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* Please keep in mind our minimum order amount of Euro 30,-  for shipments abroad (European Union)!

For shipments outside the European Union our minimum order amount is Euro 50,- and Euro 25,- administration costs will be added for payments in advance!